Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Twitter's id_str..

What should you do - RIGHT NOW 
The first thing you should do is attempt to decode the JSON snippet above 
using your production code parser. Observe the output to confirm the ID has 
not lost accuracy. 
What you do next depends on what happens: 
* If your code converts the ID successfully without losing accuracy you are 
OK but should consider converting to the _str versions of IDs as soon as 
* If your code has lost accuracy, convert your code to using the _str 
version immediately. If you do not do this your code will be unable to 
interact with the Twitter API reliably. 
* In some language parsers, the JSON may throw an exception when reading the 
ID value. If this happens in your parser you will need to ‘pre-parse’ the 
data, removing or replacing ID parameters with their _str versions. 

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