Sunday, February 27, 2011

Toggling between textarea and CKEditor...

CKEditor has a jQuery adapter that makes it easy to plug-in. See the install docs at:

There is a getEditor() function that can be used to invoke against a jQuery object, but if a CKEditor object related to the textarea doesn't exist, it throws an exception. To get around this issue, we can implement our own version:
function disableCKEditor(textarea) {
    // We cannot use getEditor() since it will throw an exception.
    var ck = textarea.eq(0).data('ckeditorInstance');
    if (ck) {
        ck = false;

To create a ckeditor object, we can invoke ckeditor() against the text area jQuery object.
       // NOTE: If the django-filebrowser app is not used, then remove the filebrowserBrowseUrl.
        // Using ckeditor() to replace a textarea does not call ckeditor/config.js, so we must
        // specify the config explicitly.
        content_field.ckeditor(function() { }, {width: '100%', 
                                                filebrowserBrowseUrl: '/admin/filebrowser/browse?pop=3'

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  1. Hi,
    Cud u plz lemme know how to toggle between plain text editor and ckeditor?