Sunday, February 27, 2011

Integrating CKEditor and filebrowser into Django pagelets...

The Caktus Consulting Group has released a few useful Django apps that allow you to implement your own CMS on top of Django, which includes django-pagelets and django-treenav. This allows users with authorized access to modify content directly on your page. No more updated HTML files when you can update unstructured content directly on the site!

One of the issues is that it comes out of the box with a WymEditor support. What if we wanted to use the Django filebrowser and CKEditor?

First, a set of check-ins that has been sent to enable this support within django-pagelets. Check out for more information. Hopefully the authors will include these set of changes so that the following changes can be done. For now, you'll need to pull from my fork until then.

1) If you wish to use CKEditor with this plug-in, you can define a PAGELET_CONTENT_TYPES within your file:
    ('html', 'HTML'),
    ('wymeditor', 'WYMeditor'),
    ('ckeditor', 'CKEditor'),
    ('textile', 'Textile')
2) You'll need to install CKEditor into your MEDIA_URL dir inside the 'ckeditor/' directory. The CKEditor package should include the ckeditor/ckeditor.js and ckeditor/adapters/jquery.js.

3) If you're also using the Django grappelli/filebrowser app, then you also need to setup and install django-grappelli and django-filebrowser too. For using grappelli/filebrowser, there are a few additional configuration tweaks that must be done, including setting your ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX and installing any other dependencies. You may wish to checkout this blog posting for more info:

4) The wymeditor/js/pagelets.js has the following instantiation:
    if (value.toLowerCase() == 'ckeditor') {
        // NOTE: If the django-filebrowser app is not used, then remove the filebrowserBrowseUrl.
        // Using ckeditor() to replace a textarea does not call ckeditor/config.js, so we must

        // specify the config explicitly.
        content_field.ckeditor(function() { }, {width: '100%', 
                                                filebrowserBrowseUrl: '/admin/filebrowser/browse?pop=3'

If you're not going to use the Django filebrowser/grappelli plug-ins, remove the filebrowserBrowseUrl definition. See for
more information.

5) You'll also need to modify the to include js_wym_ckeditor too:
        js_wymeditor = ('wymeditor/jquery.wymeditor.js',
              'wymeditor/plugins/embed/jquery.wymeditor.embed.js'  # fixes YouTube embed issues

        js_wym_ckeditor = (
        # We assume CKEditor and filebrowser Django app are in these locations

        js = js_wymeditor + js_wym_ckeditor + ('js/pagelets.js',)

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