Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Does Python have WebDriverBackedSelenium?

2011-03-21T07:28:03   Do the python bindings have webdriverbackedselenium?
2011-03-21T07:28:15   um kinda
2011-03-21T07:28:19   lol
2011-03-21T07:28:24   kinda is the right answer
2011-03-21T07:28:32   It's got the hooks we need to start adding pieces

But WebDriverBackedSelenium doesn't even exist in 2.0b2, which Sauce Labs currently provides..

2011-03-21T07:30:58   Unfortunately 2.0b2 doesn't have the webdriverbackedselenium
2011-03-21T07:31:32  * AutomatedTester didnt realise its been deleted
2011-03-21T07:31:41   It was a mitake
2011-03-21T07:31:43   mistake

Here is some background info from Google about Web Driver:


Docs for migrating:

  • http://saucelabs.com/docs/selenium2
    SauceLabs requires the 'name' parameter to name the job, since Selenium 2 now can execute jobs in parallel.
  • webdriver/remote.py contains the commands: find_element_by_id(), get(), toggle(), click(). You have to write the code in a way that gets the DOM element and then acts on it (basically JavaScript).
  • How does one execute JavaScript commands?
  • self.execute_javascript(script, *args) (located in remote/webdriver.py)


  1. How about using IronPython or Jython and call to the Java/.NET bindings from Python?

  2. You might want to ask Adam Goucher (http://adam.goucher.ca/?cat=10) who has experience teaching Jython and got Selenium (v1) to work on Jython...