Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Returns the currently focused element, that is, the element that will get keystroke events if the user types any. This attribute is read only.
Often this will return an <input> or <textarea> object, if it has the text selection at the time.  If so, you can get more detail by using the element's selectionStart and selectionEnd properties.  Other times the focused element might be a <select> element (menu) or an <input> element, of type button, checkbox or radio.
Note: On Mac, elements that aren't text input elements tend not to get focus assigned to them.
Typically a user can press the tab key to move the focus around the page among focusable elements, and use the space bar to activate it (press a button, choose a radio).
Do not confuse focus with a selection over the document, consisting mostly of static text nodes.  See window.getSelection() for that. 
When there is no selection, the active element is the page's <body>
Note: This attribute is part of the in-development HTML 5 specification.


var curElement = document.activeElement;

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