Friday, January 21, 2011

Sansa Clip+ MP3 clip and audio books..

The Sansa Clip+ 2GB MP3 player is a small and extremely portable, but one of its quirks is that it has two USB transfer modes called MSC and MTP. MTP appears to be a haphazard attempt to provide DRM support for Windows Media Player, and MSC mode has to be manually set in order to access the MP3 player in Ubuntu Linux.

One issue not reported about this device is why files copied through MTP mode have a special MTP folder that can be accessed, which is the only way you can get files to auto-advance. In other words, copying files through MSC mode, which is how one can copy files via Ubuntu, works but the MP3 files don't advance to the next one. If you're listening to audio books, this issue can be a royal pain. The workaround right now is to copy files via MTP mode (i.e. on Windows), and access this MTP folder to play.

Sandisk seems to have issues in their firmware in allowing files copied via MTP mode to sequence automatically....

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