Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bug in camqadm -- too many values to unpack

Apparently this GitHub issue in camqadm prevents you from declaring exchange's beyond the defaults of durable=False, auto_delete=False, internal=False

passive: the exchange will not get declared but an error will be thrown if it does not exist.
durable: the exchange will survive a broker restart.
auto-delete: the exchange will get deleted as soon as there are no more queues bound to it. 
Exchanges to which queues have never been bound will never get auto deleted.
camqadm queue.declare myqueue no yes no no Parameter exchange.declare.internal (bit)
Ordinal: 7
Domain: bit
Label: create internal exchange
If set, the exchange may not be used directly by publishers, but only when bound to other exchanges.
Internal exchanges are used to construct wiring that is not visible to applications.

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