Saturday, January 1, 2011

Installing MoinMoin on Ubuntu v10.04

If you follow the MoinMoin Ubuntu v10.04 instructions, there are simply no directions on how to get some of the features such as RecentChanges working. It turns out that you need to login as a superuser, go to the LanguageSetup page, and install the system pages.

1. First, if you're using HTTP authentication, you can autocreate logins by modifying

from farmconfig import FarmConfig

# now we subclass that config (inherit from it) and change what's different:
class Config(FarmConfig):
    from MoinMoin.auth import GivenAuth
    auth = [GivenAuth(autocreate=True)]

2. Next, you'll need to temporarily add yourself as the superuser:

# This is checked by some rather critical and potentially harmful actions,
# like despam or PackageInstaller action:
# superuser = [u"myuserid", ]

3. Add the LanguageSetup page, and click on the "Install system pages".

From here there is a link to install packages that weren't included with the default install of MoinMoin.

Thanks to for the head's up.

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