Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Project Fi and B010 error codes

  • If you purchase a Google phone, make sure to buy it under the account that will activate the Fi service.  Otherwise, you will end up seeing B010 error codes when trying to activate!

    Otherwise, you will have to call Project Fi specialists and have the "asset id" transferred to the account owner that intends to activate service.  You need to have both parties on the phone to have this info transferred.  This lesson took 3 weeks to resolve after calling multiple times to their 24x7 support line!
  • Google Fi leverages the Google Voice infrastructure.  You have to decide upfront whether to port your existing Google Voice line or port your cell phone.  If you decide to test out Project Fi and wish to bring your own phone line over later, you must cancel the service and then order another SIM card.  Google currently has no way of letting you to try before committing.  


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  3. Thanks for your post. I'm glad I can resolve it in 2 days. Here is my discovery of the solution :)

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