Tuesday, February 19, 2013

IP Cam Viewer App with the Samsung SDE-5001

The Samsung iPolis mobile app for the Samsung SDE-5001 home security system doesn't work with Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 (it works fine for Ice Cream Sandwich).   However, you can also use Robert Chou's IP Cam Viewer app for Android and IOS, which provides a Lite version for 6 camera angels and a Pro version for unlimited.  

Here are things to note when using the IP Cam Viewer app with the SDE-5001:

1) Samsung's SDE-5001 system comes with a free www.samsungipolis.com Dynamic DNS service. However, unlike most Dynamic DNS services, it relies on a URL path associated with each dynamic host (i.e. http://www.samsungipolis.com/HOMEDVR) instead of a dedicated subdomain (it appears to use HTTP meta tags to perform the same functionality as traditional Dynamic DNS).  As a result, the IP Cam Viewer currently does not support Samsung's Dynamic DNS approach.

If you try to configure http://www.samsungipolis.com/123 with port 4524, the current app seems to only pick up the samsungipolis.com URL and chooses the original 554 port.    (We're hoping the author will be able to update the IP Cam Viewer app to support Samsung's Dynamic DNS service.  The service relies on HTTP <meta> refresh tags instead of HTTP headers, so there is a bit more work involved.)

You can signup for no-ip.com but there apparently is a requirement to login every 30 days to confirm your account.    You will need to reconfigure the Samsung SDE-5001 to use no-ip.com instead of the IPolis DDNS service.

2) If you tried to select the Samsung SDE DVR option with the IP Cam Viewer app, you may fail to get a camera image. But if you use the Scan functionality with the camera, you may find that many other cameras work with the SDE-5001 including the Night Owl and Night Owl RTSP(TCP) DVR service.  Use the Night Owl Make and Night Owl RTSP(TCP) DVR with RTSP port 4524 and you should be able to connect to the system.

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