Sunday, December 1, 2013

Samsung DVR firmware

It turns out that the Samsung DVR firmware is basically a gzip'ed package of an embedded lighttpd Linux kernel built for the ARM processor.   If you're curious about the code that it runs, you can mount the image and inspect.  There's no source code included, but Samsung should probably open source it given there are so many inherent securrity vulnerabilities.

1. Download the firmware

2. Unzip the zip file.

3. Gzip decompress the .img file.

4. If you have Linux, you can mount the jffs2 file.  You'll need to install the packages to mount JFFS2 images.

sudo apt-get install mtd-tools
sudo modprobe -v mtd
sudo modprobe -v jffs2
sudo modprobe -v mtdram total_size=256000 erase_size=256
sudo modprobe -v mtdchar
sudo modprobe -v mtdblock

5. Create a mount directory for the image (i.e. mkdir /mt/tst)

6. Create the JFFS2 image by writing to the /dev/mtdblock0 device:

sudo dd if=hi3520_data.jffs2 of=/dev/mtdblock0

7. Mount the device:
mount -t jffs2 /dev/mtdblock0  /mnt/tst

8. Much of the web server code resides in the /root/www directory.


  1. Does this mean one could edit the files, save as a new img, and upload to the Samsung DVR?

  2. Yes. But you'll have to do it at your own risk! If Samsung is unable/unwilling to fix the security hole, this is what it may come down to....

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