Wednesday, June 5, 2013

PyLint E1121 errors

If you've upgraded to Pylint v0.28.0 recently, you may have found that Pylint is starting to report this issue:
import hashlib
hmm = hashlib.sha1('tst')  

E1121: 3,0: Too many positional arguments for function call

Strangely enough, the code below does not report this issue.
import hashlib
hmm = hashlib.sha1('tst')  

Because the hashlib library is implemented as a C-level module (see for more context), Pylint needs to have these string declarations in place to do proper static code analysis. It turns out that recent changes to Pylint added the digest() method to the hashlib module but forgot to include the self parameter.

Within the Pylint type checker (in /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pylint/checkers/, line 268), the function is inferred to require an additional 'self' argument. However, because the string declaration does not, this error message gets reported.
if isinstance(called, astng.BoundMethod):
    # Bound methods have an extra implicit 'self' argument.
    num_positional_args += 1
The proper fix is included at this link:

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