Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Verizon's MiFi 4620L firmware upgrade 3.20.16

The firmware 3.20.16 is now available for the Verizon MiFi 4620L device Verizon has a document that describes the improvements. It includes a new data meter along with some fixes associated with dormancy mode...let's hope that it solves the issue where the device has sporadic issues simply powering off.

You can upgrade the firmware by logging into the web browser and checking for firmware updates.

Size: 653.51 KB
Estimated Install Time 1 minute 40 seconds
Description: MiFi4620L Upgrade from 3.20.11 to 3.20.16

Some previous documented shortcomings are here:


  1. Battery will not charge since upgrade! Unit works but must be plugged in.

  2. Haven't had this issue personally. The upgrade seems unrelated to your battery charge issues.

  3. Since upgrade, Internet access drops in and out - I have 3 devices and same on all. Connection resets, packet loss, etc. My advice, dont upgrade.

  4. Have seen this issue even before the upgrade but it has also depended on the area. It seems fine in the SF Bay Area but I've noticed bigger issues in the Sacramento. I wonder if it's tower-related...

  5. Same problem as Kimpossibly. Worked fine until update now will not hold any charge. Says 0% charged the second you unplug it and starts shutting down. On a positive note dormancy issue seems better but had to go back to the verizon mifi settings page and change the automatic shutdown drop down box back to "never" even though this was already done previous to the update.

  6. I will tell you exactly what I have gotten since this upgrade. My MiFi data peak went from never more than 10GB to 79GB and even after powering down any an all devices and everything off for the last week except for one device at the time between an Ipad Mini and a netbook they are still saying that I am using 30GB when only using one of these devices, only one at a time and only browsing no downloading of anything. We do not stream movies, don't have an Xbox and I monitor how many devices are on the Mifi, always the one device. Cut the mifi off while we sleep. It is the only service we can get besides satellite and I was fine paying $100-150 for data but again, no change in habits or usage no additions of devices no close neighbors that could steel data, no game, movie or large file downloads. Just browsing and reading. What could have made this jump from never more than 10GB for the last 3 years jump to 79GB. We only get 3G service, we have a couple of laptops and an Ipad mini and rarely are there more than 1 device on the mifi at once. Verizon says that is what their system shows pulled from my device and that is about all they will say other than manage it. I have been managing it to the point that it is no worth having. Can anyone out there help me. Have they done something in this update that could have messed up a multiplier in their metering system or something. Because I cannot and will not pay for 30GB let alone 79GB when I am still get 4GB service and benefit from the service. Everything except what is being used is off. No gaming not streaming. Someone please help. Is there a class action or group I can join. Again I thought $100 to 150.00 per month for what I was using was already a little high but $300 0R EVEN $790.00 FOR BROWSING THE INTERNET, CANT BE RIGHT, PLEASE HELP!