Thursday, January 10, 2013

RSA block type is not 02 error

Ever seen the error message "block type is not 02" when performing RSA decryption via M2Crypto?  It's a direct result of an RSA decryption not succeding.  Before data is encrypted, it's padded with a header and a block type of 01 or 02, depending on whether the public or private key was used.  If the private key was used, the RFC spec ( says that the padded header should be 01 (though it also says 00 can be used).  If the public key was used to encrypt the data, the RFC header will be set the BT block to 02:

A block type BT, a padding string PS, and the data D shall be
   formatted into an octet string EB, the encryption block.

              EB = 00 || BT || PS || 00 || D .           (1)

   The block type BT shall be a single octet indicating the structure of
   the encryption block. For this version of the document it shall have
   value 00, 01, or 02. For a private- key operation, the block type
   shall be 00 or 01. For a public-key operation, it shall be 02.

During the decryption phase, the RSA encryption algorithm first converts things back to a block of data (ultimately each block is converted from an integer) and then does one additional verification process against this block type.   If the block type doesn't match 01 or 02, it's likely the wrong key was used to decrypt.   You have the wrong decryption key, may be not using the private key if the public key was used to encrypt, or the public key if the private key was used.  (In the latter two cases, just the other pair has to be used to reverse the original operation.)

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