Sunday, September 16, 2012

E911 for ObiTalk

This article seems to provide the best instructions about how to activate 911 service dialing through your ObiTalk device:

Basically the ObiTalk devices are by default setup to dial 911 though the 'li' (Line Port) in their default configuration.  The OutboundCallRoute provides a series of rules that are followed to determine how the call should be made (see p. 179-180 of the ObiDeviceAdminGuide.pdf document).  The default rule is listed below:

How do these rules work?  First, each rule is described in {} as OR operations.   The first rule {(<#>:911):li}, for instance, describes how dialing # or 911 will route to the line port.   The second rule dialing **0 will invoke the automated attendant.  The remaining descriptions of how these rules are described on page 180 of the manual:

If you want route 911 calls to a local 24-hour emergency line by adding a rule that instead of routes to the li port, you need to remove the 911 redirecting to line port and then add {(<911:1xxxxxxxxxx):spX} where spX is the SIP line you're using (i.e. sp1).  

One further note: the config changes should be done on your settings, not directly on your ObiTalk firmware.  For some reason, when you reboot, the changes will be overridden by those set on (unless you uncheck the checkbox).

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