Thursday, March 1, 2012

Using Facebook's Test Account API...

Using Facebook's Test Account system is amazing. You can be given up to 500 test accounts whereby you can login, create a profile/business pages, and just about do anything in a controlled, sandboxed environment.

One issue they don't mention: to implement the API for resetting passwords, it turns out that you need to specify a minimum of 6 characters for the password. If you find that trying to change the password consistently returns back false (instead of true), then chances are your password isn't long enough.

We also found that in order to get the emails, you should make a request with the read_email permission. The other thing is that when you do /test-users, you only get back an access token and the ID. In order to get the email, you may have to usse Facebook's Batch API to grab a bunch of the emails to display at once.

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