Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BeautifulSoup v4

See this warning msg?
bs4/builder/_html5lib.py:60: DataLossWarning: namespaceHTMLElements not supported yet
bs4/builder/_html5lib.py:77: DataLossWarning: BeautifulSoup cannot represent elements in any namespace
warnings.warn("BeautifulSoup cannot represent elements in any namespace", DataLossWarning)

Apparently here is the reason for this msg:

Leonard Richardson (leonardr) wrote on 2011-03-01: #1
html5lib supports namespaced elements (like ), and Beautiful Soup doesn't yet. These warnings are mostly a reminder to myself that I need to add namespace support. Unless you're actually parsing code that has namespaced tags, there won't be any real data loss.

Changed in beautifulsoup:
status: New → Confirmed

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