Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Random tracings through Pynliner and cssutils..



cssText = property(_getCssText, _setCssText, ...)

def getCssText(self, separator=None):
serialized property cssText, each property separated by                                                                                             
given `separator` which may e.g. be ``u''`` to be able to use                                                                                       
cssText directly in an HTML style attribute. ``;`` is part of                                                                                       
each property (except the last one) and **cannot** be set with                                                                                      
return cssutils.ser.do_css_CSSStyleDeclaration(self, separator)

Normally cssText is defined as a propety, but we can use the getCssText and pass in a separator for ' ' instead of the default '\n' line.

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